Package photobiologyFilters is a collection of spectral transmittance data for various filters that we use or have used in our lab, or that have been made available for inclussion in the package by manufacturers.

This package is part of a suite of R packages for photobiological calculations described at the r4photobiology web site.

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Spectral data


  • acetate
    Filter spectra data for cellulose di-acetate film
  • bpi_visqueen
    Filter spectra data for commercial grenhouse films from BPI Visqueen
  • etola
    PE films supplied by Etola Oy
  • foiltek
    Spectral Transmittance for Plastic Sheets Supplied by Foiltek
  • lee
    Filter spectra data for Lee theatrical filter
  • mcdermit
    Filter spectra data for McDermit Autostat CT5 "polyester" filter
  • petri_dishes
    Total transmittance for Petri dishes
  • plexiglas
    Total transmittance for PMMA sheets (Plexiglas) by Evonik
  • rosco
    Filter spectra data for Rosco thetrical filters or 'gels'
  • schott
    Internal transmittance for Schott filters
  • xl_horticulture
    Filter spectra data for commercial grenhouse films from XL Horticulture



  • Depends: photobiology
  • Suggests: knitr, ggplot2, ggspectra, photobiologyWavebands