photobiologyLamps is an R package containing spectral emission data for diverse types of lamps, except LEDs, which are included in package photobiologyLEDs. It complements other packages in the photobiology R suite.

Please, see the web site R4Photobiology for details on other packages available as part of the suite, and on how to install them.

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Package overview

Spectral data

  • lamps.mspct
    Spectral irradiance for diverse lamps
  • qp_uvb313_temp.mspct(minus5C, plus00C, plus05C, plus10C, plus20C, plus30C, plus35C)
    Spectral irradiance data for UVB lamps at different temperatures.
  • qp_uvb313_temp.spct
    Spectral irradiance of UVB lamps at different temperatures.


  • macam(, qpanel.uva340, qpanel.uvb313)
    Spectra acquired with Macam SR-9010-PC
  • licor(incandescent.60w, osram.36w.25, osram.hqit.400w, osram.super.vialox, philips.pls11w.827, philips.tld36w.15, philips.tld36w.18, philips.tld36w.83, philips.tld36w.865, philips.tld36w.89, philips.tld36w.92, philips.tll36w.950, sylvania.215w.vho)
    Spectra acquired with LI-COR LI-1800
  • oo_maya(germicidal)
    Spectra acquired with Ocean Optics Maya2000 Pro
  • bentham(philips.tl01, philips.tl12)
    Spectra acquired with Bentham spectrometer



  • Depends: photobiology
  • Suggests: knitr, ggspectra, photobiologyWavebands, ggplot2