Extensions to 'ggplot2' providing low-level debug tools: statistics and geometries reporting data passed to compute_group() and compute_panel() functions and to geometries. Layer manipulation: functions for deletion, insertion, extraction and reordering of layers of "ggplot" objects. Data manipulation: function for deletion of unused variables from the data object embedded in "ggplot" objects.


The new facilities for cleanly defining new stats and geoms added to package 'ggplot2' in version 2.0.0 gave origin to this package. I needed tools to help me learn how layers work and to debug the extenssions to 'ggplot2' that I was developing. I share them through this package in the hope that they will help other users of 'ggplot2' understand how this this vry popular graphics package works internally. The vignettes provide examples of how to use this tools both for debugging and learning how ggplots are stored.

Extensions provided:

  • "Debug" stats and a "debug" geom that print to the console a summary of their data input.

  • Functions for inspecting and manipulating the list of layers of a ggplot object.

  • Functions for exploring and manipulating the data embedded in ggplot objects, including dropping unused variables.


Package 'tidyverse' web site at https://www.tidyverse.org/
Package 'ggplot2' documentation at https://ggplot2.tidyverse.org/
Package 'ggplot2' source code at https://github.com/tidyverse/ggplot2

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