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Package overview

gginnards gginnards-package
gginnards: Explore the Innards of 'ggplot2' Objects


Geoms, short for geometric objects, generate output from data. Contrary to “normal” geoms, these geoms do not render data as graphical elements.

geom_debug_panel() geom_debug() geom_debug_group()
Geoms that print input data to console.
A null geom or 'no-op' geom.


It is often useful to summarize data before plotting. Contrary to “normal” statistics, the data summaries these statistics return are aimed at debugging.

stat_debug_group() stat_debug_panel()
Print to console data received by statistics as input

Manipulation of layers

Occasionaly it can be useful to edit gg objects breaking the usual rules of the grammar of graphics operations such as delete, insert, extract and modify stacking order of layers.

Manipulation of embedded data

Automatically delete unused variables, extract attributes, and identify which variables in data are mapped to aestheics or used in a plot.

drop_vars() mapped_vars() data_vars() data_attributes()
Explore and manipulate the embedded data.

Explore the innards of objects.

Specialization of str(). This function complements the summary() method from ‘ggplot2’.

Show the structure of a ggplot object.