Version at time of manuscript submission of 2nd edition.

  • Update for 2nd edition of the Learn R: As a Language book.
  • Keep package compatible with editions 1 and 2 of the book.
  • Rename lists of packages to indicate book edition.
  • Rename file with purl output for 1st edition to
  • Add file with purl output for 2nd edition.
  • Rename book index files (*.idx) from first edition appending “-1ed” to names.
  • Add book index files from 2nd edition.
  • Update User Guide.
  • Update CITATION.

Version released one year after book publication.

  • Add purl output for all code chunks included in the book in file
  • Revise and expand documentation.

Version at time of book first availability.

  • Add book ISBN and DOI.
  • Add .idx files from book.
  • Tidy up the vignette.

Version at time final manuscript submission.

  • Update lists of packages used.

  • Update data used in examples.

First public release (for book draft at Leanpub).