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photobiologyPlants 0.4.4

  • Rebuild data objects with photobiology 0.11.0.

photobiologyPlants 0.4.3

CRAN release: 2023-05-12

  • Add a second measured absorbance spectrum for UVR8, extending into longer wavelengths.
  • Add UVA1_UV(), UVA2_UV(), UVAlw_UV() and UVAsw_UV().
  • Rebuild data objects with photobiology 0.10.16.
  • The repository with the source of the package was relocated to GitHub.

photobiologyPlants 0.4.2

CRAN release: 2019-06-14

  • CODE BREAKING: Some data objects have been renamed and consequently old scripts may need minor edits.
  • DATA CHANGES: Spectral data has increased wavelength resolution.
  • Add spectral absorbance data for cryptochromes 1 and 3, phototropins 1 and 2, ZTL protein, eight carotenoids and chlorophylls a and b.
  • Add spectral fluorescence emission data for chlorophylls a and b.
  • Translate vignette to R markdown and update it.
  • Fix bug in Jalter leaf optical properties data object.
  • Rebuild data objects with photobiology 0.9.28.

photobiologyPlants 0.4.1

CRAN release: 2017-03-21

Rebuild data objects with photobiology 0.9.14. Updating data build script to fix wrong attribute of exported object_spct data objects.

photobiologyPlants 0.4.0

CRAN release: 2016-08-03

  • Rebuild data objects with photobiology 0.9.9, after updating scripts to create collections of spectra instead of separate objects for related data sets.
  • Add functions for frequently used photon ratios.
  • Remove some redundant phytochrome-related functions.

photobiologyPlants 0.3.3

Compatibility update for photobiology 0.9.1 and ggplot2 2.0.0. Use ggspectra instead of photobiologygg.

photobiologyPlants 0.3.2

  • Set spectral absorbance data for photoreceptors as of type “internal”.
  • Fix minor error in UVR8 data.
  • Rebuild all data and the package under photobiology 0.8.5.

photobiologyPlants 0.3.1

  • Rebuild all data and the package under photobiology 0.8.0.
  • Remove dependency on ‘data.table’.

photobiologyPlants 0.3.0

  • Change naming of phytochrome related functions, which were all misnamed!
  • Rebuild all data and the package under photobiology 0.6.0.

photobiologyPlants 0.1.2

  • Update versions of dependencies.
  • New generic function Pr_Ptot() for phytochrome photoequiibrium with methods for numeric values of wavelengths and source.spct objects.
  • Updated phytochrome chapter of User Guide.

photobiologyPlants 0.1.1

  • Add JaLTER additional data for spectral properties of leaves.
  • Rebuild JaLTER data as it was missing the Rfr.type attribute.

photobiologyPlants 0.1.0

  • Remove all waveband objects as it was confusing to have waveband objects and functions for spectral absorbance data.
  • Rebuild all data as .spct objects.
  • Edit the vignettes.

photobiologyPlants 0.0.3

  • Add JaLTER data for spectral properties of leaves.

photobiologyPlants 0.0.2

  • Add McCree’s action spectra for photosynthesis in oat and amaranth as response.spct objects.
  • Now the absorbance spectra of UVR8 and CRY2 are included as filter.spct objects.

photobiologyPlants 0.0.1

New package created by merging the CRY and PHY related packages, and adding UVR8 functions and data. Vignettes were edited, but only the User Guide was merged.