Red radiation according to "ISO" (610-760 nm) or as commonly defined in plant photobiology, "Smith10" (655-665 nm), "Smith20" (650-670 nm), "Inada" (600-700 nm), "Warrington" (625-675 nm), and "Sellaro" (620-680 nm). No weighting applied.

Red(std = "ISO")



a character string, "ISO", "Smith10", "Smith20", "Inada", "Warrington", "Sellaro", "RS", or for Landsat imagers "LandsatRBV", etc.


a waveband object wavelength defining a wavelength range.


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Other unweighted wavebands: Blue, Far_red, Green, IR, Orange, Purple, UVA, UVB, UVC, UV, VIS, Yellow


#> Red.ISO #> low (nm) 610 #> high (nm) 760 #> weighted none
#> Red.ISO #> low (nm) 610 #> high (nm) 760 #> weighted none
#> Warning: The definition of 'Smith' defaults to 'Smith10', to restore old behaviour use 'Smith20'.
#> Red.Smith10 #> low (nm) 655 #> high (nm) 665 #> weighted none
#> Red.Sellaro #> low (nm) 620 #> high (nm) 680 #> weighted none